How posture affects different areas of your life

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How posture affects different areas of your life


     Besides making you look more confident, your posture can actually make you feel more confident thus improving your overall mood. Several experiments involving posture determined that it affects energy levels and it has the ability to generate positive or negative thoughts. It was found during some of the experiments that poor posture has a strong correlation to feelings of stress and depression.


     An upright posture can improve memory in general. Good posture facilitates breathing and increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain by up to 40 percent. Oxygen is like food for your brain, makes it so the brain will function properly and recalls memory better.


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     Besides your mood and memory, good upright posture also improves your confidence. People’s thoughts are influenced by their posture, similar to the “fake it until you make it” principle, in that you can convince yourself to be more confident just by the way you hold yourself.


     Whether you’re standing or sitting, good posture will allow your internal organs to assume their natural position, allowing the natural function and flow of your gastrointestinal tract. To improve your digestion it’s important to sit and stand straight, as well as to get up and move around as much as possible.

Bones and muscles

     Good alignment and a proper posture put less stress on your spine and skeletal system, which is built to support your body mass as intended in proper alignment. Poor posture puts stress on certain bones, muscles, and ligaments. When you are in poor posture your bones are not able to work properly, your muscles start doing the majority of the work and your bones start to become weaker, and this can eventually lead to muscle pain, back pain and can even contribute to osteoporosis.

Headaches leading to further problems

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     Most people, especially those working at desks, have a “forward head posture” because they put a lot of strain on their upper back and neck muscles. This added strain puts pressure on the nerves in your neck and keeps upper back muscles and neck muscles in constant tension, causing tension headaches.

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